Mt Emey®  and FITEC® Collection diabetic shoes are billable under A code A5500 for Medicare Diabetic Shoe Bill. They feature seamless lining, three or more true widths and multiple depths and sizes. They are designed for better accommodation of orthotics, AFO & internal mods, as well as better support & stability. All display samples are free of charge delivered to your practice.
Medical Collection footwear are specially designed for the hard-to-fit foot conditions including bone deformities such as bunion, Charcot, crossover toes or lymphedema, or for patients with larger orthotic needs. They offer a variety of closures for ease of fit adjustability, and lasted according to Charcot, bunion and toe deformities . If you are ever looking for an alternative for hard-to-fit, these category of shoes are on the top of the list.
Mt Emey® custom shoe program provides the ultimate solution for those patients who can not be fit in any off-the-shelf shoe selections. This program offers best fitting rate, most style options and best guarantee. Needing High-top athletic, super wide comfort shoes, you can choose any style in the catalog. If the shoes "Don't fit, don't pay". One pair of custom molded inserts are always included, no additional charge for any modification. Follow these steps to minimize possible fitting discrepancies
Capture 3D data for custom shoes & custom foot orthotics in no time. Ultra-portable 3D scanning system, super convenient and easy to use, significant cost savings and enhanced turnaround time. 3D data will be securely and instantly transmitted onto our server. Unlike other scanners, Mt Emey 3D scanner applies laser line to capture the true 3D data, and is proven accurate in end result and more compliance. Qualified customers may receive free units at no charge.

To see how to scan for custom inserts using Solid3D or 3DD Capture, please click here:   Solid3D Demos   3DD Capture Demos

New Kids Shoe Line

Children's Orthopedic shoe line feature multiple widths and the sizes extend up to adult's size runs. These shoes are made of top quality materials and fine EVA soling materials for durability. Elongated counter support provided stability. All shoes are designed with wider opening and extra toe room to accommodate UCBLs, AFOs and braces. Click here to download brochure

Apis Updates

All New Redesigned pre-fabricated diabetic foot orthotics are now in stock, see special deal

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