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Mt. Emey Orthotic Carver : a revolution in foot orthotic fabrication!

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The need for a compact, operator-friendly carving machine has seen dramatic increase in the foot orthotic fabrication industry. Apis Footwear's R&D team understood the urgency of our customers to save costs and keep the orthotic fabrication more efficiently. After years of intensive research and product development, Apis has now developed the Mt. Emey Orthotic Carver system to help our valued customers save even more in labor cost and overallexpenses.
  1. SCANNING: Apis will supply at user's cost a portable scanner which will enable the practioner to scan in 3-D the foot impression or patient's foot within 1 second in black/white, or in color (The cost is $795.00 per set of scanning system).
  2. CARVING: Carving machine has a size of W32"xD32"xH68" in dimension, with dust collector & vacuum built inside. It is capable of both negative carving directly on EVA sheets and positive carving on firm PU foam blocks. This system comes with a user-friendly and easy-to-use orthotics software, which allows the lab technicians to make many foot cast modifications on computer screen with simple clicks in about 2 minutes, modifications include arch adj., Met-Pad, Met-Bar, Offloading etc. This will eliminate traditional plaster procedures and creates a dust-free lab environment.
  3. SYSTEM COST: We offer affordable usage plan so that you do not have to spend a fortune to start. With only a $1,000 deposit and $300.00 monthly lease , you will be able to start the savings right away and at the end of the 72 months lease you will own the whole system.' We offer generous warranty policy which will make you confident about your purchase.
    • Cost for positive carving ($10.25/pr.):
      say, if you are making 400 pairs per month, $300(maintenance fee) / (400 pairs/month) = $0.75 / pair, $6.05 (rigid PU foam) / sheet + $6.05(orthotic blanks) / pair = $12.10 (materials costs) / pair. Adding them up will give you $12.10 / pair in total cost for the first pair, you just add $6.05 cost on each additional pair.
    • Cost for negative carving ($8.25/pr.):
      $300(maintenance fee) / (400 pairs/month) = $0.75 / pair, $7.50/pair (including one piece of 1"x12"X16" EVA block and a pair of dual-laminated PPT & ThermozoteŽ top cover). If you are fabricating the orthotics by directly carving the EVA base material without the positive molds, negative carving will cost more but take less time.
  5. TIME SAVINGS: You only need 2 min. on scanning, 2 min. on-screen modification computer working, & 5 min. carving, total of 9 min. time in each pair. This system can easily free the work load of two full-time technicians, labor saving can be significant if you are fabricating over 20 pairs a day. In addition, our low-price guaranty for the orthotic material will bring that savings to greater extent.

* Above numbers are based on estimated average saving, individual savings may vary depending upon the knowledge and skills of the operating technicians, some other factors may affect the overall savings the program offers, such as the pay rate and/or the grinding efficiency each facility can achieve.